Alliance of the Damned

The story begins, as with so many, in an inn. Torrin has already spent most of the day in the Lion’s Pride Inn in Elwynn Forest, drowning whatever sorrows he can with the weak pisswater that humans call ‘ale’. Brother Cedric Salamondis has just travelled from Northshire Abbey to seek answers in the city of Stormwind and has stopped in for a quick bite to eat and something to drink. The good brother does not notice anything amiss at first and settles down with his drink.

A stranger enters the inn, a cloak covering her face so that no one can see it. She approaches the bar and asks for something to drink in thickly accented common. She then goes to sit fairly close to the fireplace and shivers as though cold to the bone. It is at this point that Cedric notices the dwarf and attempts to make conversation with him regarding his experiences. The dwarf is reticent and speaks gruffly of his experiences in the world, though Cedric does not seem bothered by this but rather more intrigued. It is at this point that the strange visitor notices the dwarf and beings to stare at him, something that the dwarf clearly dislikes.

Cedric speaks with the dwarf, noting that the stranger appears to be some sort of elf, though not one that is known in Azeroth, as by this point she has lowered her hood to reveal far shorter pointed ears and what appears to be straw coloured hair. Following a brief discussion about this stranger with the dwarf, Cedric gets a mug of hot cocoa and offers it to the newcomer.

The ‘elf’ gratefully takes the mug and ceases her shivering as she is sitting very close to the fireplace. Cedric speaks with the elf, discovering in the process that she is not only not from around Elwynn Forest, but not even of this world. The two speak in hushed tones as Cedric begins to explain some of the world’s history to the newcomer and what she has seen in her journey from Lordaeron. Cedric recognises the mark on the elf’s face to be something similar to the birthmark he has on his shoulder and he begins to suspect that something greater was at work as she explains what her mark is. The two notice that Torrin has been attempting to listen into the conversation by this point, and the Brother invites the dwarf over to speak with them. Torrin scoffs at the idea that the mark borne by the elf is anything but a mark of the Burning Legion, and Cedric has to remind him to keep his voice down, as once again, he explains what this means to the newcomer.

The party talk for much of the afternoon and early evening and Maiti has figured out that the dwarf also has a mark of some kind, but she cannot easily make it out as it is hidden in the recesses of darkness under the dwarf’s hood. Brother Cedric suggests that the group heads upstairs to further discuss the marks as he may have more information about them which may help explain why all three party members have them. On the way to a private room, Torrin attempts to threaten Maiti with his rifle, to which the elf merely looks into the barrel of the gun and informs the dwarf that if he wished to blow her head off, that he had better load it first.

Cedric eventually gets everyone into the room and opens up and old book, explaining that it was given to him by his mentor on his deathbed and that it contains information that would be best kept quiet. As Cedric explains where he believes his own birthmark came from, Torrin continues to scoff at the idea that the marks are not those of the Burning Legion. Cedric asks why he believes this, to which the dwarf finally lowers his hood. Cedric is shocked to see that the dwarfs skin is almost completely blood red and he has a large scar across his face covering much of the left side. Maiti explains that this also appears to be a Dragonmark, but Torrin then explains how he received his.

After Torin has told his tale, Maiti explains that some marks may never normally coalesce and that what had happened to the dwarf had caused a dormant mark to become active. Torrin does not completely believe the elf, but calms down nevertheless. Cedric suggests that they will need to do more research to find out what caused the marks to appear in this world 30 years ago, and that the answers may be found in Stormwind City, just a mile north of the inn the group are in. Maiti explains that she already has a room in the inn, and Brother Cedric offers his lodgings to the dwarf. Torrin reminds the Priest that he would most certainly not be welcome in the walls of the Abbey and he was not sure whether going onto sanctified ground would od him any favours, demonstrating the power that the taint of demon blood has left him with. Cedric agrees that it might be best if Torrin stayed in the inn and pays for the dwarf’s lodgings as he retires back to the Abbey for the night.
The next morning, the party travels to Stormwind City, but not before being warned that the Defias Brotherhood have been seen on the road up to the city. The Brother assures the barkeep that they will be careful and the group makes their way up to the gates of the city with no trouble. Cedric takes a few moments to appreciate the splendour of the city before asking a guard how to get the the Mage Quarter. The guard happily points the party in the right direction and wishes them a good day. Torrin grumbles about it, but follows after his companions anyway.

When the group reach the Mage Tower, Cedric asks to speak to someone about gaining arcane knowledge on a subject he knows little about. The mage they speak with direct them to speak with Majinor Dumas. Cedric thanks her and the group go up to the Wizard’s Sanctum to speak with the mage. Cedric explains why the group are there and the Master Mage and Maiti discuss how she came to be in Azeroth. He asks for the Portal Trainer Lorimain Purdue to come in so that they can discuss which portal, if any, Maiti came through and what portal was activated when the dragonmarks were first discovered in this world. Cedric asks Torrin to reveal his face after being assured that the master mage and portal master will not tell anyone of the dwarf’s ‘condition’. Once Maiti has had a better look at the mark, she informs Torrin of exactly what the mark is and what it does. She explains that it is an abberant mark and that the demonic tain that turned Torrin into a Fel-Dwarf almost certainly caused its appearance. The group discuss what to do next and the Master Mage suggests speaking with the Night Elves in Ashenvale or Darnassus and the portal master agrees to make a portal to the Night Elf city in exchange for a gold piece. Cedric hands her to and asks that it be ready for that afternoon. The portal master agrees and goes off to make her preperations.

The group head down to the Blue Recluse for something to eat and a good drink. Cedric buys everyone a pint of dwarven ale and Maiti pays for the rest of Torrin’s drinks for the afternoon. The group eat happily and drink merrily until they receive the summons to let them know their portal is ready. Torrin grumbles about having to visit the Elves at all, but goes with the group in any case, drawing his cloak tighter around him.

Cedric enters the portal first so that he can discreetly cover the entrance of his dwarven friend in particular and he asks the guard to direct them to someone withing the Cenarion Circle that they can speak with. The guard directs them to speak with Mathrengyl Bearwalker and bids them welcome to the area. The group head over towards the Cenarion Enclave and are taken to see the Druid. After discussing the group’s situation, avoiding anything to do with Torrin’s problem for the moment, he states that he will have to speak with the High Priestess, Lady Tyrande, about ocntacting Malfurion Stormrage and Ysera within the Emerald Dream. Maiti asks if she can watch the ritual as her mark may allow her to see within the Dream too. Mathrengyl advises that he will need to speak about this with Lady Tyrande as outsiders are not normally permitted to witness these proceedings. He advises the group to go into the city as the Solstice Festival is in full swing. Torrin, once again, grumbles about having to spend so much time around elves, but allows himself to be dragged along in any case.

The group have a nice time wandering the streets of the Tradesman’s Terrace and sampling the drinks of the festival (though Torrin is less than impressed with the drink) until they are summoned to the Temple of the Moon to meet with Lady Tyrande herself. The High Priestess greets the group and informs them that they will allow Maiti to watch the ritual as it may help her gain imformation that would aid the party. She extends the offer to Brother Cedric and Torrin, but both decline, Torrin due to his unusual situaiton and Cedric because he would feel he was intruding. Lady Tyrande allows them to stay within the Temple until the druids are done and takes Maiti with her.

Maiti is indeed able to observe the proceedings within the Emerald Dream, and her fears of the Dragon Ysera are allayed as the green dragon acknowledges her presence. Although Maiti cannot hear anything, she is at least able to glean some information from simply watching as Tyrande and Malfurion speak with the green dragon about the party’s situation.

Meanwhile, Cedirc and Torrin discuss how they can glean more knowldge from the book the priest was bequeathed, especially the parts written in demonic text by a ‘madman’ warlock. Torrin asks a nearby guard if there is a secluded room the two of the can use, and not to be alarmed if he senses any magic within the room. Cedric opens the book and places his hands over the book as Torrin activates his mark and hits the priest with a Frost attack to fully activate it. THe priest struggles to maintain control of his mental faculties but is able to glean some useful information from the text. He discovers that the dragon portal in the Hinterlands was the one activated 30 years ago, by something draconic that entered Azeroth through the portal, but left as quickly as it came. Finally having the information he needed, the Brother comes out of his trance and despairs over the layer of ice within the room. He and Torrin go back to the main temple room to meet with Maiti and Lady Tyrande. Cedric explains what he has discovered and Lady Tyrande confirms that Ysera knew about this, but was more concerned with the weak point between the world Maiti came from and Azeroth as it could be used by the Burning Legion to gain control of another world. Although Maiti states that she feels that the Burning Legion could be effectively stopped, Lady Tyrande is not convinced. Nevertheless she allows the group to stay within the city for the night and wishes them well on the next step of their journey..



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