Brother Cedric's Diary

Day 1.

It had been a long day today with the passing of our great archivist (and my personal mentor) Brother Veren Exultus. May he rest in peace. After the wake I found myself quite drained and decided to head for the inn in Goldshire to get away from it all and have a quiet drink.

At the Lion’s Pride Inn, there was much of the early afternoon’s traffic. Farmers, miners and so on downing a cold beverage to ease the cares of the hard worked day. It was only when I came to the bar that I discovered something amiss from the usual bustle. A dwarf ranger was drinking quite heavily at the bar (even by their impressive reputation). His hood was drawn over his face and seemed most withdrawn and sullen. It turned out his name was Torrin. Apparently he was a veteran of the last war. I bought the poor fellow a drink to break the ice a little.

Just as I thought we were making progress there was a commotion. An elf had come into the inn. A race that we do not see much of out in these parts (one assumes they mostly keep to the capitals). This one was heavily garbed and as such was hard to ascertain what kind of elf he/she was other that the lithe figure. I gathered from what I saw with her dealings with the barkeep that she was not from around the local regions. He common was sparse and mostly indicated needs via hand gestures. I ordered a hot cocoa and brought it over to the elf in order welcome he/she and perhaps learn more about this stranger.

Indeed the elf was not one of either the Eastern Kingdoms (such as the Highborne) or Kalimdor (such as the Night Elves). In fact upon query she (as it turned out) was not from Azeroth at all! It turned out that this elf was a traveler from another plane altogether. Maiti – as she called herself was from a land where many things were quite different from our own. Torrin by this point I had asked to join us (due to the fact he was clearly eavesdropping). She later revealed her face. To my amazement she bore a mark. This mark for some reason bared some resemblance to my own. I invited them both upstairs to a quiet room. There I revealed quietly that the tome I had been carrying on my person was an account upon these marks. At this point Torrin revealed his face to show his mark, along with his red skin. It seemed as though fate had brought us together to solve this great mystery that Brother Veren had set me upon. May he rest in peace.

Day 2

We started the day afresh and made our way to Stormwind – the capital of Elywnn Forest. Here I hoped to glean more knowledge about the tome (in particular transcripts written in Highborne’s script). Seeking council in the Wizard’s Sanctum in the Mage Quarter, we discussed at length the meaning of such portal theory that the book spoke of. This in turn helped explain how Maiti had come to Azeroth. Upon further asking upon our group’s behalf I asked the portal master if she could give us passage (at no small cost) to Darnassus – the capital of the Night Elves of Teldrassil. There we could speak with the elves there and learn from them about the Draconic script of the Dragon Shrine portal mentioned there.

Darnassus was like walking in a dream-like garden. towering trees festooned with grown out housing crossed the vista. Fairy lights glistened and bobbed among the canopy of lilac and violet foliage. Pearlescent waters rippled under bridges of moonlit stone. We were granted first with an audience with the Cenarion Circle there. The druids spoke of how the Emerald Dragonflight indeed held sway over several shrines across the world. The agreed to consult the Emerald Dream (a plane separate from our own yet a reflection of the wild nature that could be).

Day 3

In the meantime, Torrin and I thought it prudent to return to the Temple of Elune. There we decided to try an experiment with the tome. It turned out that Torrin had become a warlock after his encounter with the mark he was bestowed along with his (apparent) touch with fell power. Hence the red of his skin. It was no wonder he concealed himself so. In any case through meditation and unlocking the power of his mark I was barraged by chilling cold and by burning madness. But suddenly the words of the warlock scripture became clear. We had found the answers!

The druids comfirmed our gleaning from the tome. It turns out a dragon had emerged 40 years ago and returned from whence it came. This had left a rift somehow to which Maiti came into our world. We are now a step closer to revealing the answers to this mystery. I can feel it!

Brother Cedric's Diary

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